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International interactive interdisciplinary scientific conference 
Social and ethical dimensions of change - IV edition

 University of Rzeszów, 5th of May 2017


   The conference is aimed at researchers, postgraduates and students. In particular, the conference topics may be of interest ethicists, philosophers, sociologists, media experts, religious studies, economists as well as representatives of the natural sciences and all interested in the subject of the conference.

Topics to be discussed (in alphabetical order):

(1) Bioethics
(2) Ethical dilemmas in research
(3) Ethical dilemmas in the modern market economy
(4) Ethics and globalization processes
(5) Business ethics
(6) Social and economic ethics
(7) Visual communication and ethical issues
(8) Career planning and ethical issues
(9) Politics and business
(10) Politics and culture
(11) Politics and social responsibility
(12) The transformations of the social aesthetics
(13) The ethical and social problems in social communication
(14) Problems of development of science
(15) Financial markets and the crisis
(16) Corporate social responsibility
(17) Youth and transformation
(18) Cultural transformation
(19) Social mobility
(20) Changes contemporary practices of collective
(21) Changes the value of
(22) Changes the collective consciousness
(23) Social dimensions of change
(24) Changes the collective memory
(25) Transformation of social identity
(26) Changes lifestyle
(27) Changes the value of
(28) Transformation of social roles

Important dates and costs of participation:

The deadline for submitting entry forms (attached) - to 15.04.2017 
Information about the acceptance of the paper- to 20.04.2017 
Please send entry forms supplemented to the address jaroslawkinal@gmail.com

The costs of participation in the conference:

University staff - 100 euro
PhD Candidate and students - 50 euro


The conference fee includes the cost of:
- Participate in the conference

- Certificate of participation 
- Conference materials

- Drinks and snacks during the conference 

Modes of participation in the conference speakers: 

Personal - participant presents his speech in real time during one of the sessions of the conference, the discussion takes place in the traditional manner. 
Virtual Participation - organizers participant sends his speech and his presentation takes place during a special virtual session. Comments listeners are transmitted electronically. Forms of virtual instances: video, poster.

Conference language: Polish, English

Venue:  University of Rzeszów

Form of publication papers:

The organizers plan to publish peer-reviewed and indexed in the repository book in electronic or paper form comprising submitted until 30.06.2017 papers transmitted in accordance with the requirements of the editorial conference.

Final notification:
Detailed information about the meeting, the conference program, the form of payment and account number will be sent to registered participants of the conference. we anticipate only electronic form of contact between the organizers and the participants of the conference.


Scientific Council of the Conference:
prof. dr. Witold Jedynak (University of Rzeszów) - Chairman of the Scientific Council
prof. dr Jörg Matthes (Univeristy in Wien)
prof. dr Ioan Horga (University in Oradea)
prof. .dr. Ioan Zainea (University in Oradea)
prof. dr Sorin Sipos (University in Oradea)
prof. dr Henrietta Nagy (St. Stephan University in Godollo)
prof. dr Josef Kaposzta (St. Stephan University in Godollo)
prof. dr Dusan Luzny (Palakcky University in Olomouc)
prof. dr Dan Topinka  (Palakcky University in Olomouc)
prof. dr Andrij Gorbachyk (National University of Taras Shevchenko in Kiev)
prof. dr Olga Kutsenko (National University of Taras Shevchenko in Kiev)
prof. dr Maciej Gitling (University of Rzeszów)
prof. dr Beata Szluz (University of Rzeszów)
prof. dr Zbigniew Rykiel (University of Rzeszów
prof. dr Magdalena Żardecka Nowak (University of Rzeszów)
prof. dr  Despoina Karakatsanh (University of Pelopones)
dr Pavel Veselsky (Palakcky University in Olomouc)
dr Mihaela Cioca (University in Oradea)

Organizing Committee:
Prof. dr. Witold Jedynak - Chairman of the Organizing Committee
Dr Jaroslaw Kinal 
Dr Dorota Rynkowska
Dr Hubert Kotarski
Dr Krzysztof Piróg
Dr Magdalena Pokrzywa
Dr Krzysztof Malicki
mgr Mariola Kinal
mgr Marcin Zgłobiś
mgr Krystian Miąsik




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